York Floods Christmas 2015

York Floods Christmas 2015

This Christmas time, Northern England has suffered from severe flooding.

I spent Christmas this year in the beautiful city of York, our home town. Since Christmas, the water levels of the river Ouse and the river Foss rose dramatically.  The river Ouse peaked at over 5 metres above the usual level. This is the maximum that York’s flood defences can handle.

York Floods Christmas 2015

Leeman Road in the York Floods Christmas 2015

Our house is situated off Leeman Road, and we usually walk into the city along the river on Leeman Road. Yesterday, this was not possible. Here’s what our main walking route to town looked like…

Lehman Road York Floods


York Floods Christmas 2015 – The Impact on Retail and Business in York

Parts of York that have not flooded since the 1980’s have been affected in the York floods this year. When I walked around town yesterday, Fossgate and The Stonebow were closed, and emergency water rescue vehicles were in operation.

Most businesses, including pubs and restaurants, along the river Ouse were completely flooded. This is the King’s Head on the river Ouse.

Kings Head York Floods

My boyfriend’s work is also flooded, so we don’t know what will happen for him next year! Here’s the view of The Stonebow near his office…

York Floods off Stonebow
Side street off Stonebow on 28th December

The Stonebow Road Closed on 28th December 2015 York Floods

Since yesterday, there have been internet and telephone landline outages across Yorkshire due to the flooding impact on the BT Exchange. This has had a negative impact on my blogging and tweeting, but I’m glad to say that we now have broadband again!

Many shops in York city centre could not take card payments, and were asking for cash only, due to electrical faults.

York Floods

York Floods Christmas 2015 – What is the Situation Now?

There are four pumps now working at the Foss barrier, but it is predicted that storm Frank will be sweeping across Northern England over the next few days.

The Environment Agency have predicted that the government will need to invest in flood defences in Northern England.

Were you effected by the York Floods Christmas 2015? If so, I want to hear from you!

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  1. I hope the government realises what they need to do next time! Considering they cut the flood defence budget by 8% since last time..

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