Welcome to 2016! Looking back, Looking Forward

Welcome to 2016! Looking back, Looking Forward

Welcome to 2016! New Year is often a time to reflect on the previous year and plan for the year ahead.

The Challenges of 2015

2015 was, of course, a difficult time for me due to personal and health reasons. My gorgeous dog Milo died in February 2015 and my mum and grandparents had been ill.

I was working in Oxford, and my boyfriend Sy was working in York, so the distance between us was tough.

My epilepsy and anxiety were linked to a Cavernoma, so I had several scans and hospital appointments. However, illness or health problems seem to do you good in a way, because it forces you to prioritise what you really want in life.

2015 – The Start of Globetrotter Guru!

I was working long hours in a teaching career, so much so that I didn’t get a lot of family or travel time. After being ill, I decided to re-evaluate life and look at what I really wanted. It all boiled down to two things – travel and more time for family and Sy.

I took time out of my career and in April 2015, I started my blog Globetrotter Guru. My blog is all about getting what I really want out of life, especially in the way of travel, and helping others to do the same.

First Trip of 2015 – Tallinn, Estonia

Me and Sy travelled to Tallinn, Estonia, in April 2015, which was the first trip that I would blog in real time. I did publish some material on Rwanda, but this was retrospective, so Tallinn was particularly significant. It was lovely to spend the time with Sy, and we even got to go inside a WW2 submarine!

Tallinnn 2015
Image Credit: Amy Trumpeter

On my return from Tallinn, I worked hard to blog weekly, sometimes even daily. When I was ill or in hospital, writing was a great satisfaction for me and kept me going in the tough times.

By summer 2015 interest in Globetrotter Guru was starting to grow, and I managed to secure my first sponsored trips in summer 2015, just 5 months after starting my blog.

Morocco – Summer 2015

I took my mom on a fabulous trip to Morocco in the summer of 2015. It was a place that I already knew and loved. In Marrakech, I was sponsored by the gorgeous Riad Dar Zaman, where Hassan looked after us with his amazing hospitality.

Getting a Local Guide is a great idea - meet my friend Hassan who took me around Marrakesh on his moped!
Getting a Local Guide is a great idea – meet my friend Hassan who took me around Marrakesh on his moped!

We loved Marrakech, even despite the crazy touts and the maze of streets to get lost in! We then took the trip over the Atlas Mountains with Abdullah Hamouch, to stay in Ouarzazate, where we were accommodated by Joao Leitao at Dar Rita.

Tick Pass Morocco

We ended up staying for an extra three days in the stunning coastal town of Essaouira. It was an amazing trip and special because my mom enjoyed it so much and we had some valuable time together. I can’t thank our sponsors and Globetrotter Guru enough for that.

Turkey and Bulgaria Summer 2015

In August 2015, I flew to Istanbul for my first solo trip with Globetrotter Guru. I spent an amazing week in Bulgaria at Sultan Hostel, where I met my fabulous Columbian friend Tatiana.

Amy, Luciana and Tatiana in Istanbul

Seeing the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia had been lifetime goals for me, and I felt so proud to do this as a solo traveller. But I never really felt like a solo traveller, as you can see, because of the amazing people that I met along the way!

Hagia Sofia
Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

I then travelled from Istanbul to Sofia, Bulgaria by overnight train. This turned out to be a bus, then another bus, then a train!

good places to Travel that aren't too expensive
Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria

Highlights of Bulgaria included Plovdiv and Koprivshtitsa.

Kableshkov House
Kableshkov House

I also had the opportunity to visit the stunning Rila Monastery with Rila Shuttle.

Rila Monastery

Barcelona October 2015

In October last year, I fell in love with Gaudi in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Gaudi Salamander

My boyfriend Sy accompanied me on this trip and we had a wonderful time together. We were sponsored by Katya from Sweet Home Abroad.


York Christmas 2015

We returned to York for November and December, to get some much needed rest and family time. However, our home town of York was hit by the York Floods Christmas 2015.

Kings Head York Floods
Kings Head, York Floods Christmas 2015

The most amazing end to 2015/start to 2016 was when Sy proposed at York Minster on New Years Eve. He asked me to marry him after the Minster bells struck midnight – the most romantic and amazing thing ever! So now I have a lot to look forward to in 2016.

Guest Bloggers of 2015

Globetrotter Guru has hosted some fantastic guest bloggers this year including….

Marisa of Postcards to Seattle – Kayaking on Lake Como

Sadie from Eclectic Traveller – How I found myself in the Peruvian Jungle

Gemma from Two Scots abroad – Spotlight on South America

Mimi McFadden from The Atlas Heart – 5 Free Things to do in Melbourne

Mar Rosati of Testarossa Travel – Iguazu Falls – Argentinian Side

Published Articles 2015

I have also had my fair share of articles published across the web in 2015 – a great accomplishment for my first year in blogging. Here are a few of my favourites…

Making the Most of Vegas – The Travelling King

How to ask Women for a Threesome NOT! The Travel Tart

Highlights of Bulgaria – Go, See, Write

Wednesday Wanderlust Tallinn – Valerie and Valise

I just didn’t like it – Kampala – Twirl the Globe

Looking forward to 2016

2016 will be a very exciting year. Now that me and Simon are engaged, I hope that we will travel more together. I also have sponsored trips lined up for Serbia next month and Iceland at Easter. You can view my 2016 bucket list here.

Belgrade 2016

Goals 2016

My goals for 2016 are…

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Happy New Year!

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