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Trenitalia Valentines Day Special for Italy Travel

Valentines Day 2 for 1 Italy Train Travel

Valentines Day is approaching, and I can’t wait for my trip to Cinque Terre with my gorgeous Fiance Sy. The great thing is that Trenitalia are offering a 2 for 1 Valentines Day special for travel in Italy next week, so I just had to share this with you!

Trenitalia – Pisa to Cinque Terre for just £5 each!

We’re flying from Manchester Airport to Pisa in Tuscany, and then travelling to Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera. Our train from Pisa Centrale to Levanto for two people was just‎ €12.50! That’s €6.25 each – around a fiver (£5) each for a one and a half hour train journey!

Trenitalia Valentines Day Special

The Trenitalia Valentines Day Promotion

The 2 for 1 Valentines Day promotion means that you buy your own ticket and you get your partner’s ticket free! It states that the promotion runs from 13th – 15th February, but it actually worked for me for a ticket on 11th!

Trains in Italy do get quite booked up, so it’s easier and cheaper to book in advance on the Trenitalia website.

Please follow this link for the Valentines promotion. You can purchase the ticket for the offer up to midnight on the second day before the train’s departure.

On the website you can change the language to English in the top right hand corner. Enter your departure and destination stations (you will need the Italian place names rather than the English e.g. Firenze rather than Florence). Make sure that you select 2 passengers within the promotion dates. When you select your ticket, it will come up with a number of options and ‘Speciale 2 x 1’ will come up. This should automatically be ticked, but if it is not, make sure that you check that box.

Here is an example of booking Pisa to Florence on the Valentines promotion…

Trenitalia Valentines Day special

The ticket will be automatically discounted. The total of this train from Pisa to Florence would be just 19EURO for 2 people!

Trenitalia Valentines Day special

For the Valentines Day special, book here.

Remember that it’s always best to book in advance if you are travelling by train in Italy, to ensure that you get the cheapest prices and that seats are available.

My trip to Italy will be sponsored by La Francesca resort near Levanto. Look out for my next blogs on Pisa and Cinque Terre.

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