Travelling to Morocco – from Stansted to Marrakesh with Ryanair

Travelling to Morocco – from Stansted to Marrakesh with Ryanair

If you didn’t already know, budget airline Ryanair are now flying to North Africa! It’s about time too, travelling to Morocco from the UK is now easier and cheaper.

Ryanair Flight from London Stansted to Marrakesh, Morocco

I took a flight from London Stansted at 6.15am on Friday morning, and I’m here to share tips on Ryanair flights from London to Morocco. 😉

When travelling to Morocco, you do need to be at your gate at least an hour before your flight, so arrive at the airport preferably 2 hours before your flight time.

I stayed overnight at the Radisson Blu Hotel Stansted, which was a good decision with such an early flight, because the hotel is just 2 minutes from the flight check-in desks. I left the hotel at around 4.50am, and was probably cutting it a bit fine! I would definitely recommend arriving two hours before, because Stansted is a large airport and you may have to take a transfer train/monorail to your gate.

travelling to Morocco

Flight time from UK to Morocco

The flight time from Stansted UK to Morocco – Marrakesh (RAK) with Ryanair was around 3 1/2 hours. Our flight ran on time and was relatively comfortable considering the price.

The cost our return flights were £577.96 plus £50 for a checked in bag on the way there and back (£25 each way – we saved money by sharing a main bag). The total for two people from London to Marrakesh and back again with one checked bag each way was £627.96. Not bad for London to North Africa in school holidays. That’s just over £300.00 per person!

Tips for Travelling to Morocco – London Stansted to Marrakesh with Ryanair

  • Marrakesh is a great introduction to North Africa and flight prices with Ryanair are reasonable.
  • Check in online before you get to the airport – if you don’t do this there are extra charges!
  • You can print your own boarding pass or download the app and have the boarding pass on your phone.
  • Remember that you will need to have any gels and liquids in a clear plastic wallet to be checked at security, and no liquids larger than 100ml. There are clear plastic wallets available for free at Stansted before you go through security (See hand luggage restrictions for UK airports here).
  • Book online and check in online – this will give you PRIORITY Q which means priority boarding – jump to the front of the queue. 😉
  • You need to specify your bags that you want to check in and pay extra for those – £25 per bag to check in.
  • You also have a hand luggage allowance of 10kg (see Ryanair cabin luggage restrictions)
  • If you exceed baggage allowances there can be hefty charges with cheap airlines like Ryanair.
  • Early flights are much cheaper, but you risk missing it or arriving very tired in Marrakesh. If you can stretch to it, pay for the slightly later flight to give you time for breakfast and getting to the airport.
  • Ryanair flights do not include food, but you can buy food during the journey.  They had a good selection of paninis and hot food including lasagne and mozzarella sticks (mmmmmmmmm cheese).
  • Take €EUROS to pay for your food and drinks on the flight

Flying to Marrakesh from London Stansted with Ryanair for Disabled Passengers

  • If you are a Blue Badge holder or have evidence of a disability, go to the Fast-track security to avoid long queues.
  • If you require disabled access, phone the airline beforehand, otherwise you will find yourself standing in long queues.
  • If it helps, you can pay an extra charge for more leg room and they will put you at the front of the plane – much more comfortable, and if you are going to be in pain with a bad knee or back, this is probably worth it.
  • Specify in advance if you need to take a wheelchair or extra equipment linked to your health condition.
  • Make sure that the travel insurance you have booked specifies and covers your pre-existing health condition(s) otherwise this could invalidate your insurance.
  • Travelling to Morocco is challenging for wheelchair users, so do take assistance.
Marrakesh gates
Entering the Medina (old town) in Marrakesh.

Arriving at Marrakesh

We were greeted at Marrakesh airport by our driver Abdul. The trip to Dar Zaman from the airport was just 18€, and the hotel pre-booked this for us. It’s definitely a good idea to pre-book taxis, as they can rip tourists off. Abdul made sure we had water, because the temperature was already close to 40 degrees!

Travelling to Morocco – Tips for Arrival in Marrakesh

  • Pre book your taxi through your hotel – it will be reliable and less stressful.
  • If you are travelling for quite a distance, it can work out cheaper in the taxis if you split it into two or three separate taxi journeys.
  • Don’t exchange your money at the airport – commission and exchange rates are extortionate. Pay for your pre booked taxi through your hotel and then exchange money at a nearby post office or bank. You will get more Dirhams for your money!

Have you ever flown with Ryanair to Marrakesh?

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