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International Student Discount Card – The ISIC and ITIC

ISIC Student Card

International Student Discount Card

If you are looking for an international student discount card, the ISIC will give you student discount all over the Globe!

A NUT card (student card UK) will get you student discount in the UK, but not abroad. That’s why if you like to travel, you need to apply for the ISIC (International Student Identity Card).

What is the ITIC Teachers Discount Card?

It is not just students who get discount on travel, it is teachers as well!

Just like students can apply for the ISIC (the international student identity card), teachers can also apply for the ITIC (the international teachers identity card). You have to be a full time teacher teaching a full timetable (over 15 hours a week) to apply.


How much is the ISIC and ITIC Card and how do I apply?

The cost is just £12 for a year and you can apply for it online through STA travel.

When Should I Order my ITIC or ISIC Card?

You should order your ISIC or ITIC card at the start of the academic year in September. If you order it in the middle of the academic year, you will find that it lasts for a shorter period of time.  I made the mistake of ordering mine in May, and it will have run out by December.

So order your ITIC or ISIC card at the start of September to get the full years usage out of it.

When your card arrives, you will need to sign it and put a passport sized photograph on it before it is valid.

Benefits of the ITIC and ISIC Card – Teacher and Student Discount

There are over 177,000 benefits worldwide to owning and ISIC or ITIC card. You can find out the global discounts at

There is also an app you can download if you are and I take Isaac card holder. The icy Shows you what benefits are available in the local area and works on both iPhone and android.

If you are using the basic card in the UK, you should visit to find out to the UK benefits.

As a student, I used my ISIC card to get student discount on entry into Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow and the Great Wall of China in Beijing. Now, as a teacher and I take cardholder I am looking forward to the summer holidays to see what discounts I can get you think might I take card

STA Travel is the first place to go to use your ISIC or ITIC card in order to save money on flights and international travel. However, did you know that you can also use your ITIC or ISIC card for teacher or student discount in the following……

  • The Apple Store store.
  • National Express coaches.
  • North Face.
  • The Heathrow and Gatwick express.
  • Theatres such as the Shakespeare’s Globe.

Download the ITIC and ISIC App

There is also an app you can download if you are an ITIC or ISIC card holder. The icy Shows you what benefits are available in the local area and works on both iPhone and android.

Find ITIC and ISIC on Social Media

You can also follow ISIC on Facebook and ISIC on Twitter for news and updates. These are the UK links, so do search for the ISIC social media accounts in your own country.

ISIC on Facebook
ISIC on Facebook

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