Highlights of South Mauritius Tour

February 15, 2019

Amy Trumpeter

Mauritius is located to the East of Madagascar, and is an African island with Indian influences. If you love waterfalls, scenery and rum tasting, take a tour of South Mauritius.

Trou au Cerfs – Volcanic Crater

Trou au Cerfs - Volcanic Crater South Mauritius Tour
Trou au Cerfs – Volcanic Crater, central Mauritius

Our first stop was the scenic Trou au Cerfs – the volcanic crater which is now awash with lush vegetation. The viewpoint offers some of the best views of the island of Mauritius.

Ganga Talao (Grand Bassin)

Our next stop was Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin, the most famous of all the temples in Mauritius. It is the Hindu spiritual centre in the heart of Mauritius, some 1800m above sea level.

Ganga Talao - View across the Sacred Lake at Grand Bassin
Ganga Talao – View across the Sacred Lake at Grand Bassin

Ganga Talao literally means lake of the Ganges and demonstrates its spiritual link with the Indian sacred river. At the entrance to Ganga Talao, you will be greeted by 33m tall Shiva and Durga statues.

Durga Statue - Ganga Talao
Durga Statue – Ganga Talao

Many Hindu deities surround the lake along with many shrines and temples to different Gods and Goddesses.

The main shrine is the Lingum temple dedicated to Lord Shiva (above), the destroyer according to Hindu mythology.

Black River Gorges National Park

En route to the seven coloured sands in Charmarel, we stopped at the viewpoint of the Black River Gorges National Park. It was time to have a picnic and appreciate the stunning scenery of vibrant green and black valleys.

South Mauritius Black River Gorges viewpoint

There are wild monkeys at the Black River Gorges viewpoint. Beware – they are hungry and will try to steal your food! You can take photos of the monkeys but it’s not advisable to get too close – they may bite!

Monkey Black River Gorges

South Mauritius Rum Tasting Tour at Charmarel Distillery

No trip to the island of Mauritius is complete without at least one Rum Tasting session. The Charamel distillery…

South Mauritius Tour – Seven Coloured Earths

The seven coloured earths are a popular stop on the South Mauritius tours. It’s a small area of sand dunes made up of seven distinct colours, due to the volcanic landscape (through conversion of basaltic lava to clay minerals).

South Mauritius seven coloured sands

You can see giant tortoises there, although we felt that the giant tortoises at Pamplemousses botanical gardens were more active and in a better enclosure.

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