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Travel is so easy to put off. There will always be bills to pay, a job to do and problems cropping up, so why not work remotely? If you really want to travel, go for it now! There is no time like the present. If you want to know how to prepare for your gap year or nomadic lifestyle click here.

Once you have decided to take the plunge and travel the world, it is surprisingly easy to live a nomadic lifestyle. Remote working is more accessible than ever before. Here are my top 5 ways of working remotely or creating a residual income.

1. Freelancing

You can freelance and offer your skills online by registering on People Per Hour. Ideas for freelance work include…

  • Design Work
  • Article Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Music and Video editing

2. Teaching

Many teachers teach their way around the world. If you are a qualified teacher with a subject specialism, you can teach in international schools. Even if you are not qualified, as a native English speaker, you can get work teaching English as a foreign language quite easily in countries such as China. A great place to start searching for international teaching positions is the TES Website.

If you want to work remotely, you can set up your own advertisement on Gumtree, or create a website and offer tuition via Skype.

3. Location Independent Jobs

More and more companies are now increasingly willing to offer full and part time location independent jobs. Marketing, web design and graphic design are popular niches for this. You might need to be able to work across different time zones for meetings, and have full control of your work schedule. 

4. Blogging

Blogging can be a way of making money online, However, it does take hard work and dedication. People make money on their blog through four main ways…

  • Sales (Sell your own Product)
  • Affiliate Marketing (selling for someone else and receiving commission e.g. Amazon Associates)
  • Adsense (Make money through advertising on your Blog)
  • Mail Lists (Set up an email list with Aweber).

If you would like to make money from your travel blog, I highly recommend that you register with Travel Blog Success.

5. Become a Landlord

If you own your own property, renting out your property in order to travel is a great idea for making a residual income. If you have a deposit of 20-40% you can also put that down on a Buy to Let Mortgage.

There are certain responsibilities of a landlord, including being contactable in the UK, so if you are travelling internationally you should get your property managed by a good property management company.

Amy Trumpeter

Hi, I'm Amy and I love solo backpacking. I've been travelling on and off for over 20 years and spent time as a digital nomad. My writing focuses on Asia, Europe and North Africa. I travel with chronic illness and don't let it hold me back! I'm here to help you to earn money online and travel the world!

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