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Relocating to Liverpool! My York to Liverpool City Move

Between travels, I have been living on and off in the UK city of York for a good few years. My partners job has been based there, which obviously has been a big pull factor. But, towards the end of last year, I had to admit that I really was done with this city. The exciting news – I’m relocating to Liverpool!

York – One of the UK’s most Beautiful Historic Cities

Yes, York is one of the most beautiful historical cities of the UK. It’s home to York Minster, the largest gothic Cathedral in Europe. The Shambles is one of the UK’s oldest streets and attracts visitors from all over the world. York can offer tourists river boat cruises, York City Walls ghost walks and escape rooms. The city of York is abundant with independent shops, bars and restaurants.

York Minster New Years Eve
York Minster on New Years Eve!

York is Great as a Tourist, but it’s no Big City!

I’m not saying don’t go to York, I absolutely recommend that you visit as a tourist. Spend at least three or four days to fully appreciate what the city has to offer. This will give you plenty of time to walk around the York Walls and visit the main historical sites including the the Castle, the Minster and the museums.

York National Railway Museum
The Great Hall (National Railway Museum)
Image Credit: Amy Trumpeter

York National Railway Museum

York is a Great Place to Study English

If you’re looking for a safe, clean city in the UK that is easy to get around, York is definitely the place for you. It has extensive train links and bike lanes with low crime statistics. Perfect, I would say, for a foreigner coming to the UK to learn English, but who wants to avoid the high prices of London and the slightly higher crime rates of some Northern UK cities such as Manchester.

Drink in one of my favourite bars in York – The Evil Eye Cocktail Lounge


Why York is not for Me

So, despite all the great things about the city of York, I have to admit that it’s not for me. At least it’s not for me any longer. I’m the kind of person who wants to move every couple of years anyway! I’m a traveller at heart, and settling down is not really in my blood! Unless, of course, I’m close to an airport!

For the first six months it was freezing cold because it was the middle of winter. The novelty of the beauty of the city started to wear off after just 6 months. The Stone Roses Bar is about the extent of this city’s night life, and there are only one or two people who I know to meet for a drink in there. The others are at home caring for babies or working. Daily grind sets in, I guess.

Settling down in York would probably be really nice….in your 50’s or 60’s. It’s the kind of place where you meet a friend for a gossip in a tea shop, rather than going clubbing or out to meet people. Oh…and it floods!

Kings Head York Floods
York Floods in 2015 – The Kings Head

Making the Move to Liverpool!

I needed a new city. I needed inspiration and an airport within 10 miles! But most of all, I needed my lovely fiance Simon – we miss each other far too much when we are far apart! You can imagine that I was over the moon when I found out that his work could transfer him back to his home city of Liverpool.

Liverpool Skyline

Why I’m Relocating to Liverpool

So I’m relocating to Liverpool this week – home of the Beatles, Albert Docks and Liverpool FC. We will have the support of Simon’s family and Liverpool John Lennon Airport just 15 minutes away.

Not to mention the cost of living – we will get a three bedroomed house in Liverpool for the price of a two bedroomed house in York, or studio apartment (if that!) in London. It’s a city with excellent transport links and opportunities, with an excellent cost of living.

Liverpool Lime Street
Liverpool Lime Street Station

About a week after we decided to move in Liverpool, I met with a Liverpool based digital marketing company, and it seems that they may have opportunities for me in the New Year. So all around, this was a great decision!

5 Reasons to love Liverpool
Jacaranda, Liverpool
Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

So, I guess that’s my third city in three years? Oh well! You learn to condense and become more minimalist in your lifestyle. The freedom that comes with this is priceless! I’m so happy that I’m relocating to Liverpool!

What does 2017 hold for you?

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