How to Freelance with People Per Hour

As mentioned in my last blog, you don’t have to have a website to start freelancing. You can simply register your freelancing profile on an online freelancing site. My favourite is People Per Hour. Today, I will be explaining step by step how to use People Per Hour including screenshots.


Reasons why I love using PPH as my online marketing platform.

I have used a few different freelance marketplace websites before, but here’s why I love PPH

  1. Easy to Use.
  2. Free to set up and can link to social media profiles.
  3. Good quality Freelancers in many areas of work.
  4. Job search facility where you can enter the keywords based on the job you want to do, and when you find one you can bid on it.
  5. System of ‘Escrow’ which protects your payment – anyone who hires you will have to put a deposit down before you start work, so you know that you will get paid.
  6. Allows an ‘hourly’ system where you can advertise a particular job for a certain rate that you will delivery in a few days.
  7. You can build positive feedback with a 5 star system.

How to set up your Freelancing Profile on People Per Hour

1. Register on PPH

Register your here (you get £30 free credit with my link!). You can also link PPH to your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 18.34.12

2. Set up your PPH Profile

Once you are registered, you will need to set up your profile stating your areas of expertise and your hourly rate. You can also upload any of your previous work into a Portfolio, so that potential clients can view your work.

Here is what my profile says…

Freelancing on PPH


Also, add your skills…even the ones that you don’t think are relevant!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.08.14

4. Take on your First Freelancing gig

I recommend that people do one or two straightforward jobs cheaper than their normal hourly rate, to build up their reputation. You want to pick something really easy and achievable so that you can do it very quickly and very well initially, in return for 5 stars! You cannot afford to get anything less than 5 stars on your first gig, otherwise it will taint your reputation and you may not get further work.

Freelancing with People Per Hour
Searchinng for Social Media jobs on People Per Hour

For example, my first job was to schedule a months worth of Facebook posts. It was straightforward and I got good feedback, which allowed me to bid for higher paying jobs and more complex ones, such as strategy planning.

5. Create some Hourlies

On PPH, you can also create hourlies. Hourlies are great, because they are quick cash and easy to do. It’s simple – you state what you can offer for what price, they buy the hourly, and you deliver that job within three days.

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