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Our Road Trip got Gatecrashed by 169 Waldos

Waldos - Where's Wally student dress up!

Don’t you just love that Friday feeling? Rushing out of work for a fantastic weekend ahead? This one was a road trip from Liverpool to Edinburgh. The ‘Waldos’ were extremely unexpected…

The four hour trip in our trusty Polo, BAV, was broken up by one stop off at a service station somewhere near Carlisle, just before the Scottish border.

I entered the service station, looking forward to a nice hot chocolate, only to freak out as I was greeted by what appeared to be over 100 people (probably students) dressed up in striped red T-shirts, blue jeans and red and white bobble hats.

Where's Waldo? Students dressed as Waldos

You know how it is, when your bursting for the loo, and there are so many Wally’s you can’t get through to the cubicles. Even the bathroom was over-run…

I turned and said to Sy, ‘I literally can’t cope with that!’ and went into the farm shop to avoid the red and white striped bobbled headed students. After around 10 more minutes, while I was looking at the cheese selection, the Wally’s started to infiltrate. The cashier shared the same grimace as me. I looked at her screwed up face as she said ‘There’s 169 Waldos!’

So, if you want to know the answer to the question ‘How any Waldo’s does it take to cause a panic attack?’ the answer would be 170. I literally just about coped with 169 Woldo’s – one more would have probably pushed me over the edge!

We continued into the cafe and dining area to see them all sat ready for their dinner…

Waldo Fancy Dress Dinner

We saw a few of them with sweatshirts from Liverpool University Veterinary school. So, guys, these are the vets of the future!

After the Waldos had finally subsided, it was time to hit the road again, so we continued for another hour and a half drive, arriving in Edinburgh at around 10pm. Read my next blog to see what we got up to in Edinburgh!

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