Surprise! I’m going back to Morocco!

Surprise! I’m going back to Morocco!

I am excited about the summer. Who wouldn’t be? Especially when Morocco is back on the cards!

This year has been a tough one, as I was diagnosed with a form of frontal lobe epilepsy (Secondary to a Cavrnoma) and had to take some time off work to rest. I was told that I was not allowed to drive as a result and have had to trial some medication. Now I am back fighting fit and medically cleared to travel. I just can’t wait to get back on the road!

This summer, my plans include Inter-railing in Eastern Europe – particularly Turkey and Bulgaria. However, a fantastic surprise came my way, when I was invited to stay at the wonderful Dar Rita in Ouazarzate, Morocco by fellow travel blogger Joao of Nomad Revelations. Perhaps my summer needs to start there! 😉

This offer is perfect for me, as I actually spent 6 weeks in Morocco when I was just 18. Morocco will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was the first place where I properly went travelling and backpacking.

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What I love about Morocco!

I love everything about Morocco. I love the people. I love the Islamic culture. I love the Atlas Mountains and the stunning views that they provide. I also love the fact that I can practice my French!

Memories of Morocco 1998 with BSES

Planning a return trip to Morocco really got me thinking way back to when I first started my travels on the Morocco ’98 Expedition with BSES. Here are a few things that happened….

  • I woke up one day with a frog on my head.
  • I slept on a mountain under the stars in a thunderstorm in the Atlas Mountains.
  • I lost my sandle in the bottom of a gorge!
  • I stayed with a Berber family in Tafroute.
  • I traded tins of sardines for biscuits in the Sahara Desert!
  • My friend slept on a snake and squashed it flat.
  • Someone tried to buy me for 3 camels, my friend offered me to him for just 3 chickens!
  • I learnt important lessons about team work and the kind of travel that suited me.
  • I missed stuffed crust pizza – a lot!
Life Science Fire - Morocco 1998 with BSES
Life Science Fire with BSES Morocco 1998 (I’m in the white T-shirt!)

I am going to be flight hacking with Ryanair to get the best price to fly from London (Stansted) to Marrakesh, the capital of Morocco. I will spend some time in a hostel there, before travelling by along the Tichka Pass from Marrakesh to Ouazarzate, where I will be staying with Joao and blogging about his fabulous hotel.

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Any Tips for Morocco?

I fly to Morocco on 24th July, and until then I will be based in the UK. If you have any tips on Morocco to share, please comment below – I’m sure that place has changed a lot in all these years!

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