I travel and blog around the world with a particular meaning and purpose. I have travelled before without purpose. When travel is selfish, it can be exciting in the beginning, but then become rather mundane. There is only so much sight seeing you can do before you start to wonder about your life purpose and main aims or objectives. My three main aims of Globetrotter Guru are…

Globetrotter Guru Mission Statement

1. To learn about different cultures, religions and places and do some good along the way.

My main travel objective is to learn about different cultures, religions and places, and do some good along the way. I have a degree in Religions and Theology and an MA in South Asian studies from Manchester University.  I am also a qualified secondary school teacher in Geography and Religious Studies. Places of worship and historical/geographical interest are my niche. So what is my passion? Seeking out Churches or Hindu and Buddhist temples and learning new languages really make me tick!

Globetrotter Guru
Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria

I also love online marketing and have a BTEC in social media marketing. You might find me volunteering in Rwanda, visiting Chinese Buddhist temples or teaching women to use social media in India.  I love to to see amazing new cities of the world and meet fantastic new people.

2. Help women in their 30’s to quit unfillfilling jobs they hate to travel and do what they Love

I am inspired to write this blog to help women in their thirties to quit careers that they hate and find on fulfilling, and pursue a career as an international nomad. Since 2010, I have been travelling on and off, and experimenting with several online businesses. Now that I am in a
position to work for myself, I would like to move towards a remote working lifestyle and help other women to do the same. I run my own network marketing business and also operate www.trumpetermedia.com. As a trained teacher, I love to share my knowledge and teach people the skills that they need to escape the 9-5 grind.

Amy Trumpeter Globetrotter Guru
Me at Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazate, Morocco

 3. To raise awareness about the issues affecting women in both developed and developing countries

I’m not a devout feminist and not about to burn my bra or anything! Overall I believe in love and equality. But, another main purpose of my travel is to speak out about issues affecting women in both less economically developed countries and more economically developed countries. I believe that travel is about people as well as places. It’s not that I don’t care about issues effecting men, I do. But women’s empowerment is my niche. Issues of poverty, women’s health and career vs motherhood all interest me. And yes, I’m willing to put my neck on the line at little.


My Key Goals

  1. To learn another language fluently.
  2. To run a successful online business and be financially free.
  3. To travel to every country in the world before I die.


I want to do all of this while still having quality time and a strong relationship. Can it be done? Let’s see….

Globetrotter Guru

Amy Trumpeter Globetrotter Guru


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