Why you need a Maglite on your Travels

Why you need a Maglite on your Travels

Who you need a Torch on your Travels

So here’s my ‘why you need a torch’ story…

It was a warm evening in Pushkar, India. We stayed in a beautiful hotel overlooking the lake – Baratpur Palace. My two travel buddies stayed in one room and I had my own. I was reading, relaxing, chilling, as you do when backpacking around India.


It was out of the corner of my eye that I saw it – the biggest, most disgusting cockroach I ever did see. It was looking at me! I swear it wanted to attack. ‘It’s ok,’ I told myself, ‘I’m armed and ready with a book!’ As long as I could see where it was, I was ok with it being in the room.

And then this happened…..the electricity cut out. Did I have a torch? No! I was relying on my travel buddies, who were in a room across the way, which I couldn’t get to in the pitch black! And then I heard it drop……

Thankfully, the electricity came on within 10 minutes and the cockroach was still in the same place – phew! But I never travelled without my torch after that!

Why Maglite are the Best Travel Torches

If you are looking for a travel torch, I highly recommend Maglite. Benefits of these torches are…

  • Strong and Durable
  • Strong beam
  • Drop Resistant and Water Resistant
  • Compact Maglite are made from high grade aluminium

I dropped my very first one off a rock in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, and it still survived! This exemplifies the durability aspect.

Maglite have designed a variety of sizes and colours, so you can choose the perfect Maglite for you.

PINK Compact Maglite!

Maglite have designed a variety of sizes and colours, so you can choose the perfect Maglite for you. The pink compact Maglite is my current Maglite of choice!

Pink Travel Maglite

The pink compact Maglite takes 2 X AA batteries. Although it is just 14.5 cm in length, it has a beam length of 96m!

Don’t let yourself get attacked by falling cockroaches, get yourself a Maglite 😉

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