10 Dorm Buddies you don’t want to share a Room with!

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I’m getting too old for this sharing a dorm business now! I don’t mind splashing out on a fancier hotel here and there, or going for a private hostel room if I’m on a budget.

Considering the people I’ve met and the stories I’ve heard, you can imagine why…..Meet these 10 Dorm buddies you don’t not want to share with in a hostel!

Dorm Buddies you Don’t want to share a hostel room with!

#1 The Snorer

I met him in Lisbon, in a mixed room. Didn’t get a wink of sleep the night before we were heading on a day trip to Sintra Castle!

I’m hearing from other travellers that a lot of hostels nowadays have ‘snoring’ rooms and ask you to declare yourself as a snorer on Check In – Bingo!

#2 The Shaggers

Ok, say no more. At least go into a private room or somewhere else to ‘do the deed’.

It was in Brasov, Romania, and the story was that a guy actually bought a prostitute back to his dorm! Thankfully, it was not mine, it was the dorm of a fellow traveller, who apparently slept through the whole thing…

#3 The Serial Farter

In Istanbul, she farted very loudly, all night. Thankfully, the smell was not too potent, but every time I was just about to drop off to sleep, she would do it again which would then wake me up!

#4 The Smelly Feet

The ‘smelly feet girls’ were in Riga. Me and my sister shared a 10 person dorm with them.  I don’t really know how it got so bad, they had been trekking and not washed their feet or something. Our dorm room got labelled – we were the stinky ones! Not cool!

Image Credit: The Protonify on Flickr (Creative Commons 2.0)
Image Credit: The Protonify on Flickr (Creative Commons 2.0)

Please wash your feet and your socks!

#5 The Pissed Party Animal

3am in Kigali, Rwanda, one of the ‘eco-volunteers’ stumbles in drunk, puts the light on and walks into the wardrobe. I have to be up at 7.30am to volunteer with genocide survivors. Innappropes.


#6 The Moaner

I have met ‘the moaner’ several times in several cities. Sometimes we all need a bit of a moan, but not constant, and book yourself into a private room if you are really on a downer! I now avoid this type of person like the plague, as it can put a damper on your whole trip.

‘I can’t believe we can’t drink the water’, ‘The Taxi conned me out of 500 Francs (about 55p), ‘It took half an hour for them to blah, blah, blah.’ Get over it, and suck it up!

#7 The Clingon

Trying to shake off the unwanted ‘Clingon’ when you are happy to travel solo is an arduous task.

It’s great when you get on so well with people that you want to spend loads of time with them, which happened to me on a recent trip.

But if you are faced with an annoying Clingon who can’t read a map and won’t even leave the hostel on her own to buy water, you gotta have an escape plan! Man, you can’t even go to the toilet on your own with this one! And she talks incessantly! (Yes, even more than me!)


#8 ‘I wake up at 5am and put all the lights on and talk loudly before my excursion!’

Another Istanbul situation! 5am (my Colombian friend reckons it was 4.30am!) all the lights go on, and 2 Indonesian girls whisper so loudly that it would have been less annoying if they just talked – they’d already woken all of us up anyway!

They then proceeded to unpack and repack their bag. Fair enough if they had to get a flight? No, do it the night before idiots!

Oh, and guess what, they didn’t even have an early flight. And when did their excursion leave? 9am!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaah!

#9 Sick, but Happy to Spread Germs!

The coughing and spluttering in Sofia, Bulgaria was too much too take, I promptly found a quiet place with a female only dorm for fear of getting ‘the lurgy!’

Yeah, most people get sick when they travel, and fair enough if it’s something you ate. But, if you are contagious, private rooms, please! In fact, just check into a hotel until you are better. Problem solved on so many levels.

#10 The ‘OMG my stuff is Everywhere’ Dorm Buddy

She has make up, she has asthma inhalers, her clothes are everywhere. Her products overspill into the bathroom. She can’t travel without her coco pops and San Pellegrino either. Oh, hang on a minute, that’s me!!!!! 😉

Trying to curb the packing peeps!

Do you still share a dorm room in hostels when you travel? What kind of a dorm buddy are you?  If you have any funny hostel travel stories, I’d love to hear them below!

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