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What is blogging and how do you set up and make money from a blog? As a travel blogger and digital nomad, I’m here to help you out.

What is Blogging?

You are actually reading a blog right now! A blog is a website that is effectively used as a journal, with the author adding to it on a daily or weekly basis. It’s always best to blog about something that you are knowledgable and passionate about, because you will have to write about this topic for extended periods of time.

For me it’s helping people to travel and become a digital nomad. I also share my expertise on travelling with chronic illness. These are topics that I love to write about, so my blogging comes naturally to me.

Setting up your Blog

Once you have decided on your niche (specialist area) you will need to get set up. Avoid free platforms such as Blogspot and Wirdpress.com. You want to set up our  own .com domain, not a free one. For example, you would want to be www.templeseeker.com not www.templeseeker.blogspot.com.

Can you make Money from Blogging?

Blogging can be a way of making money online, However, it does take hard work and dedication. People make money on their blog through four main ways…

  • Sales (Sell your own Product)
  • Affiliate Marketing (selling for someone else and receiving commission e.g. Amazon Associates)
  • Adsense (Make money through advertising on your Blog)
  • Mail Lists (Set up an email list with Aweber).

If you would like to learn more about making money from blogging, or becoming a digital nomad, I recommend the following articles:

Want to be a Professional Travel Blogger?

If you would like to make money from your travel blog, I highly recommend that you register with Travel Blog Success and also Emma Drew’s Turn Your Dreams into Money.

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