Become a Travel Blogger in 7 Steps

Become a Travel Blogger in 7 Steps

If you want to become a travel blogger, first of all, you need to travel and be able to write about your experiences in an engaging way. You will need to have travel experience prior to starting your travel blog (travel then blog, not blog then travel!).

You will also need fluency in English with a wide and comprehensive vocabulary. If you have this experience and skill, you may be ready to become a travel blogger!

Become a Travel Blogger!

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a travel blogger. Understand that it won’t happen over night, it is more likely to happen after 6-12 months of solid hard work on your blog. Here are some steps that you should take if you want to become a travel blogger…

become a travel blogger
Me at Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazate, Morocco

Become a Travel Blogger in 7 Steps

Amy Trumpeter

Hi, I'm Amy and I love solo backpacking. I've been travelling on and off for over 20 years and spent time as a digital nomad. My writing focuses on Asia, Europe and North Africa. I travel with chronic illness and don't let it hold me back! I'm here to help you to earn money online and travel the world!

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