I had an Asthma Attack when I got back from Birmingham!

I had an Asthma Attack when I got back from Birmingham!

I can’t believe that this happened, but I have got to share it with my readers, because I may be out of action for a short while! I think that I will blog from home between now and Christmas, and resume my travel in the new year.

Anyway, after an amazing weekend at MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2015, I actually had a full blown asthma attack and ended up being rushed to Accident and Emergency in an ambulance!

My Post-Comic-Con Asthma Attack

It could have been the excitement of finding the rest of the Archer Cosplayers, or maybe meeting R2D2. In reality, it is more likely to be the onset of the cold UK weather combined with the fact that I forgot my preventer inhaler when I went away for the weekend.

R2D2 and Kriegers Virtual Girlfriend


Stupid really, particularly as I wrote about this in my article on Travelling with Asthma, in which I wrote about not forgetting your inhalers…EPIC FAIL. The reality is that when you are in your own country, you feel more comfortable and become lazy with your planning. Oh, how I have learnt from my mistake….

Paramedics and The Ambulance Called out for my Asthma!

We got back from Comic Con in Birmingham around 7pm and had pizza when we got back. We decided on an early night due to the Comic-Con exhaustion (yes, that is actually a thing!) We were going to watch some Adventure Time, but when I lay down, I couldn’t breathe properly.

At first, I thought it was a chest infection, because I did have a bit of a cough and sore throat in the run up to the weekend. However, when I couldn’t get my breath and felt my chest tightening, I realised it was the onset of another asthma attack.


I was really wheezing, and Sy had to fetch me my inhaler. We called 111 (I thought I was in USA and told him to call 911 for some reason!) and I spoke to a healthcare advisor.

I didn’t really want to go to hospital, but realised it was necessary. I started to get ready to go in the car, but the advisors on 111 said that it was an ambulance job.

On the Nebuliser and Steroids!

First on the scene was a paramedic called Mike, who got me on the nebuliser straight away. It helps very quickly, but can make you very shaky. The paramedic was then followed by two members of the Ambulance crew, who said that I needed to be taken into hospital.

It was quite a scene – Mike the paramedic was eyeing up Sy’s Star Wars lego collection and I was wearing my Toothless hoodie. The ambulance crew said ‘Not being funny, but we need to take you in – are you ok to be seen in public wearing that?!?!’

Toothless Hoodie

I had to stay on the nebuliser in the ambulance and have several more doses in the hospital. Then I had to have bloods taken and steroids.

I wasn’t discharged until about 3.30am – a much longer day than intended! I am now on steroids for four days, but this should help me with a speedy recovery.

Medical Emergencies in the UK

The great thing about being a UK citizen is the National Health Service (NHS). There is free healthcare including GP and hospitals for registered UK citizens.

If I was in the USA and this happened, it would have been a different story. But then again, I always have travel insurance when I go to the USA.

The NHS will always treat medical emergencies in the UK. However, if you are from abroad, there may be certain charges – visit this link to find out more.

If you have a Medical Emergency in the UK

If you have an emergency in the UK….

  • If you are ill, but don’t need an ambulance, call 111 for free medical advice.
  • If you need an ambulance (life threatening or emergency situation) call 999.
  • Always have relevant travel insurance.
  • If you are staying with a UK citizen, you can visit their GP as a temporary patient.

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