Arriving in Reykjavik – Getting from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik Hotels

Arriving in Reykjavik – Getting from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik Hotels

Yesterday, I arrived in Reykjavik for a two week Worldpackers trip working with Oddsson Ho(s)tel in Reykjavik, Iceland. First impressions – damn, it’s cold, but wow – this place is beautiful! Enjoy my article on arriving in Reykjavik.

Flying Easyjet from Manchester to Keflavik (Reykjavik)

I got a ridiculously early flight – 7am from Manchester airport, which meant that I had travelled through the night – I got a train from York to Manchester airport at 2am and went through security at 5am! Boarding was at 6.30am – please note that such an early flight is not recommended! I think that this flight was cheaper, or maybe the only one on my dates. Remember to allow two hours before your flight to check in and get through security for a flight from UK to Iceland.

The Easyjet flight was actually really comfortable, and we had a smooth landing. I was impressed with the service and the aircraft. You can buy food on board – the mozzarella sticks are gorgeous! You can pay with pounds or Euros.

Easy jet Flying to Scandinavia
Easy jet flying to Iceland

Arriving in Reykjavik – Getting to Reykjavik from Keflavik Airport

Everyone speaks pretty much perfect English here, and things are so well organised. The day I set off, I received a What’s App message from Diego and Donna at Oddsson, telling me exactly how to get to Reykjavik from the airport.

From Reykjavik Airport, you go to the Flybus desk and bus a Flybus Plus Ticket to Reykjavik. It’s cheaper to book a return, so I got a return ticket for 5000 Krona (about £25 – prices and exchange rate true of April 2016).

Arriving in Reykjavik Iceland Flybus

The Flybus waits for you just outside the airport, and they run approximately every half an hour. You tell the driver which hotel you are going to and they mark it on their list for a stop off for you, so the Flybus delivers you right to the front door of your hotel!

If you are in the centre of Reykjavik on smaller roads, they sometimes transfer you onto a mini-bus at the main bus terminal. They announce which hotels stay on the big bus and then if your hotel is not announced, get off and they direct you to the mini bus drivers who you can ask for your hotel stop. It’s so easy!

Reykjavik Harbour

Checking in at Hotel Hilda

Because Oddsson Ho(s)tel is still being finished, I am staying the first few days at the beautiful Hotel Hilda. Hotel Hilda is in the centre of Reykjavik. Hotel Hilda is small and friendly, and the design of the hotel is a converted traditional Icelandic family home. It is light and comfortable, with excellent facilities (TV, hairdryers, complimentary toiletries).

Arriving in Reykjavik - Hotel Hilda

There is an all you can eat continental style breakfast with cereals, meat, cheese, bread and pastries. Tea and coffee is always available for hotel guests.

First Day Antics in Reykjavik!

I’m sharing a room with the lovely Australian girl Donna. She is so funny and has some great travel stories, including the time she flew from London to Australia for just 1 day! Today we have had a look around the centre of Reykjavik and ate in the Laundromat Cafe and Prikid.

Prikid Reykjavik

On the way to Oddsson Ho(s)tel, we were walking through the centre of Reykjavik and Donna said ‘There’s a naked man!’ OMG – I saw him standing there in the window, completely starkers, doing his washing up! I guess it’s rather liberal here, eh?!

We visited Oddsson Ho(s)tel to check out the progress on the finishing touches – they are currently completing the reception area and finishing off the decor ready for the grand opening which will be at the end of the month! I met the delightful Kristin who is the manager of the new hotel. She is so much fun and so excited for us to be here. “Just have fun, girls!” she said! Also, she went to University in York, my home town! So we had a great deal to talk about.

I can’t wait to explore Reykjavik and book some tours of Iceland! More tomorrow, folks!

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*Sponsored by Hotel Hilda where I am receiving two complimentary nights and Oddsson Ho(s)tel where I will be staying for the remainder of my trip.

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  1. When you leave Reykjavík and go in to the interior or just out westwards on Road 1 you’ll eventually come across people who don’t speak English but they are even more willing to help you out despite the language barrier.

    1. Amazing! The people are just so friendly! I am heading out on Route 1 this week, so I will keep you posted!

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