Arriving in Belgrade – How to get from the Airport

February 15, 2016

Amy Trumpeter

This weekend, I arrived in the amazing city of Belgrade! I flew direct from London Heathrow to Belgrade with Air Serbia.

Air Serbia from London Heathrow to Belgrade

Most flights out of Manchester are not direct and I didn’t fancy changing in Zurich or Amsterdam. It adds unnecessary time to the flight and the extra landing and take off are not pleasant. So, from London, I arrived at Belgrade with Air Serbia in just 2 1/2 hours.

The flight was comfortable and included a meal, which was either Serbian meatballs or chicken. I would definitely recommend Air Serbia.

Air Serbia
Air Serbia: Wikimedia Commons

I was quite pleased that I got a stamp in my passport at Passport Control! 😉

Arriving in Belgrade

It was around 5pm when I arrived in Belgrade. I travelled hand luggage only, so there was no need to stop at the luggage carousel. I knew that I had to wait for the 72 bus, and walk past all the taxi touts, who were convinced that I wanted an overpriced taxi! If you are getting a taxi from Belgrade airport, walk past the touts to the main taxi rank at the front. There is also the A1 and 72 bus that takes you directly from the airport to the city centre.

A nice friendly guy told me that the bus stops were upstairs, and another guy clearly directed me in English. I don’t think I am going to be short of help from fluent English speakers in this city!

The 72 bus stop is a small stop with a green post, right next to the A1 airport bus. Now – bearing in mind that Serbian Dinars are not available to buy in the UK, you will arrive with GBP or EUROS and you will need to pay on the bus in Dinars. This means that you will have to draw money out or exchange it at the airport. I didn’t. Here’s my story….

Saved by a Greek Buddhist in Belgrade!

I was meeting my friend Matthew from Exploring York and he knew which bus to meet me off, as I messaged him from the airport. However, I tried to get on the bus with EUROS, not Dinars, because someone had told me that you could. This wasn’t true! Maybe you could use EUROS on the A1, but not the 72.

I got on the bus with my €1.50, and gave it the driver. He just gave it me back and said ‘No!’ Oh dear! I must have looked a little panicked, because I had Matthew waiting for me at the other end, and if I went to draw Dinars out or change some money, I would have to wait another 40 minutes for the next one. A really nice guy came to the front and said ‘I pay for her!’ and he gave the driver 150 Dinars. I thought it looked a lot, but that’s actually about £1!

I thanked the guy and gave him my two EUROS. We got chatting and it turned out that he was from Greece and here with friends for a Buddhism conference. So there you have it, I was saved by a Greek Buddhist in Belgrade! I never thought I’d say that in a sentence!

The city looked beautiful at night – the Old Town was all lit up near the Danube. The city seems to be vibrant and exciting at night – I can’t wait to experience it.

I met Matthew at the bus stop and we headed to our hostel, Trip and Sleep. More on that tomorrow!