York Minster New Year’s Eve 2015

January 3, 2016

Amy Trumpeter

New Years Eve (31st December) is a big celebration in the UK and people celebrate and cheer when the clock strikes midnight.

York Minster on New Year’s Eve

People in York gather at the Minster on 31st December to see the New Year in. It signifies a new start and an opportunity to look forward to the year to come.  People will be drinking, popping party poppers and singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ following the chiming of the Minster bells.

York Minster 2

Christmas in York

So, let’s get onto the topic of my Christmas and New Year. This year, I thought that Christmas or New Year was going to be something extra special, but I still wasn’t too sure!

To give you a background to the scenario, 10 years ago I met the love of my life, Simon Green. Life has thrown many challenges – we have been through the good times and the bad, together. But we have always loved each other so, so much. Here we are in Barcelona together earlier this year…

Park Guell

I was hoping to plan things with Sy and make a life together. I wanted to know where things were going to go in the future, especially with my travel plans.

Me and Sy had such a wonderful Christmas together – I got my Adventure Time Ukulele and he got his Romulans! But, there was just something missing (girls, you know what I’m talking about!)

Adventure Time Ukulele

So, after what I call my ‘boxing day meltdown’, the small box came out and went on the fireplace.

Engagement Ring

He told me that I would get it on New Years Eve…..aaaaaargh! But, he told me it was a Jake the Dog pin badge….

Jake the Dog pin Badge

The next few days were tough to say the least – thank God for my best friend Michelle and my sister, who could calm me down and stop me from hyperventilating!!!!

York Minster New Year’s Eve

So, there was a small box on the fireplace, a bottle of champagne in the fridge and he was putting a suit on. You’d think that I would be so happy and excited, which I was, but the nerves also kicked in!

However, in a way it’s probably for the best that there was a lead up to it. A complete surprise proposal could of resulted in several of the following…

  • Me having a panic attack or asthma attack or passing out!
  • Me saying ‘What?!?!?!?!?!’ in disbelief!
  • Me taking the piss and saying something stupid like Leonard from the Big Bang ‘I’m in, I guess!’

None of these would have been a desirable outcome, I’m sure you will agree. So at least I had chance to go through it in my mind and figure out how it should go. And, if it was a Jake the Dog pin badge, I would just slap his jowls! 😉

York Minster – He Proposed!

We walked to the Minster together and took some beautiful photos of us at the Minster. Girls, tissues at the ready….

There were so many people at the Minster. It was a bit surreal, because I kind of knew, but I couldn’t act like I knew!


Me and Sy walked to the front of the Minster near a tree where he put his arms around me. I’ll admit that I had to take a deep breath just before the Minster Bells on the strike of midnight. Sy kissed me all through the chiming of York Minster Bells.

York Minster New Years Eve

As soon as the last bell stopped, he looked at me and pulled the ring box out of his pocket. He got down on one knee and said ‘Amy, will you marry me!’ I said yes, of course, and kissed him. I asked him to put the ring on me and it fitted perfectly (How on earth did he do that?!?!)

Engagement Ring Emerald and diamond

I cried a bit, of course – because it was so perfect. I couldn’t have imagined it to be more perfect if I tried!

We walked away from the crowds together and as we came over the bridge, there were fireworks. I asked him if they were for us and he said yes! Good timing, Sy 😉


So, it’s 2016 and the first thing I did this year was to get engaged to the love of my life. So expect the gorgeous Simon Green to be accompanying me on many more international trips in the future!

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