Barcelona – 5 Top Travel Tips

October 28, 2015

Amy Trumpeter

This week, I’m am enjoying the fabulous city of Barcelona. Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya and the second city of Spain. It is the fourth most visited city in Europe after Rome, Paris and London.

I have found Barcelona to have everything that you need in a city as a traveller and tourist – museums, architecture, art, shopping, beach – Barcelona really has got it all. We visited Barcelona in October. It was less busy than in the height of summer, and the weather was milder, but we still saw some sunshine – the perfect time to visit. If you are spending a few days there, you might like to read this Barcelona 3 day Itinerary.

Park De La Cuitadella, taken on tour with Baja Bikes.

Must read if you are Going to Barcelona – 5 Top Travel Tips

If you are spending time here in Barcelona, I hope that you will make use of my 5 top travel tips. Here are 5 things that I wish I’d known before my trip….

  1. Menu Del Dia

When eating out, eat out at lunch time, because it is extremely cheap. Even expensive restaurants are affordable at lunch time as they have the menu Del Dia (menu of the day). It is a requirement by Spanish authorities, so even if you don’t see one, you can ask for it and very rarely will they say no. On average, you can get three courses plus a drink for between €10-15 Euros. This is around £7-£10 per person for starter, main, dessert and wine (or beer or soft drink).


In Soda Bus, I had a risotto starter, duck main and chocolate brownie for dessert. With drinks and three courses for three people, it was still less than €40.


2. Museums are free on Sunday afternoons

I missed out on this one! Museums are free on Sunday afternoons from 15.00-20.00, so make the most of it. Museums are free all day on the first Sunday of the month. Popular Barcelona Museums include the National Art Museum of Catalunya, the Picasso Museum and the Barcelona history Museum.

3. Metro – T10 Ticket

When you are using the Metro, all of Barcelona city centre is zone 1 (this confused us greatly, as we wondered if we would need other zones, but we did not!). The T10 ticket works out good value for tourists, provided you are not making more than 3/4 journeys in one day. It costs €9.95 for 10 journeys on a ticket. The T-10 is multi-person use, so just use it and then pass it back to your friend behind you!

T10 Ticket Barcelona Metro
T10 Ticket for Barcelona Metro

4. Language – Learn Basic Spanish

The language issue was a little confusing at first, because many locals speak Catalan as their first language, rather than Spanish. In some local restaurants, menus will also be in Catalan. However, if you learn some basic Spanish, you will be understood and be able to get by.

It’s even better if you can learn a few Catalan phrases, but personally, I found this a little too confusing! You might enjoy reading about My Spanish blunders!

5. Book Tickets Online

We found that if you don’t book tickets online with specific time-slots, the main attractions may be full and you risk missing them. This was particular the case for Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. Just Google the official website of the attraction that you want to visit and book online in advance.

Gaudi’s Salamander, Park Guell

Book advance tickets for La Sagarada Familia

Book advance tickets for Park Guell

One last thing, look out for these Mini-Cards that give you discounts in restaurants and attractions around the city.

Do you have any travel tips for Barcelona? If so, please share them below.

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*Many thanks to Katya from Sweet Home Abroad for her company and a stay in one of the beautiful apartments. Thank you also to Rik from Baja Bikes who took us on a fantastic tour to get some of these photos in Parc De La Cuitadella.