Travel England – 3 Fabulous 10 Day Itineraries

November 18, 2015

Amy Trumpeter

I have lived in many English cities including Manchester, Liverpool, London and York in my lifetime. I can’t wait to share my insights with you about my ‘home’ country. I would recommend that you take at least 2-3 weeks to travel England if at all possible, in order to see the sights and absorb the culture. This blog outlines how to spend 10 days in England – 3 fabulous travel England itineraries.

The Problem with London

London itself deserves a week or two at least. However, the problem with London is that it is extremely expensive. Follow my link to find out how to do London on a budget.

To add London to any of these itineraries, simply extend your stay to 2 or 3 weeks in total.

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How to Travel England

Remember that in England, it will be much cheaper if you book your train tickets in advance. Click here for more information.

travel England
Virgin Train Travel in England – Book in advance!

Public transport is good between the main towns and cities, but if you are looking to do hiking (e.g. Lake District or Peak District) the transport links become more remote. You will need more time in England if you want to explore the rural areas. You may also want to rent a car to travel England.

These simple 10 day itineraries allow you to get out of London and explore the other main cities, It will be cheaper and give you more access to local UK culture. They require you to be on the go a lot, and fit in a great deal of travelling and sight seeing. If you want to take a more relaxing approach, do the below itineraries over 2-3 weeks.

#1 Travel England – Cities of Northern England

Fly into Manchester for this exciting 10 day itinerary of cities of Northern England. This travel England itinerary is great for people who love to combine a party atmosphere with historical sight seeing.

Manchester has been featured by the Lonely planet as one of the top world cities to visit in 2016. The beautiful city of York was once the capital of England under Roman rule and was also the ancient Viking capital.

Travel England - Manchester
Manchester Town Hall. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Manchester – 3 Days (Cathedral, Town Hall, Palace Theatre, Central Library, Manchester Museum, Science Museum, Trafford centre). For more info, click here.

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Liverpool – 3 Days (Albert docks, Beatles Story, Maritime Museum, Liverpool ONE, Cathedral). If you are up for a good night out and love the Beatles, you also have to visit the Cavern Club. For more ideas, read my article on 5 Reasons to LOVE Liverpool!

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York – 3 Days (York Minster, Viking Museum, City walls, Museum Gardens, The Shambles and the National Railway Museum) Would you like to try English tea? Visit Betty’s or the Earl Grey Tea Rooms! For more information, click here.

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Day 10 – Last minute shopping and preparing to fly home 🙁

#2 – Travel England – Historical Cities of England

Bath – 3 Days (Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Parade Gardens, Pulteney Bridge, Great Pulteney Street, Holburne Museum, Royal Crescent, the Circus and the Avon Canal, For more, see and

Travel England The Great Bath England
The Great Bath, Bath, England.
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Allow around 4 hours to travel from Bath Spa to Chester, and book your train in advance. Read my article about Travel Hacking UK Trains.

Chester – 3 Days (Walk the city walls, Roman Amphitheatre, Cathedral, Eastgate Clock, Chester Roman Gardens and Chester Zoo).

The Cross, Chester, England. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The Cross, Chester, England.
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

York – 3 Days. (York Minster, Viking Museum, City walls, Museum Gardens, National Railway Museum).

Day 10 – Last minute shopping and preparing to fly home

If you can extend your trip to 14 days, why not consider adding in the beautiful university city of Oxford?

#3 Travel England – Shopaholics Paradise!

If you love to shop, and want to visit some of the best shopping centres in the UK, then this is for you. London can be crowded and overrated for shopping – outlet stalls and shopping centres in other parts of the UK can offer you stress free shopping with designer labels at discounted prices!

Do spend a day or two in London if you love to shop – you kind of have to! But then move on to some other great cities and designer outlets.

Fly into London (or Manchester and rearrange the days)

London – Shopping on Oxford Street. Trip to Westfield shopping centre (designer) or Camden Market (alternative fashion).

Camden Market en:User:Grim23 [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
Camden Market
en:User:Grim23 [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
Bicester Village – Day 4 – Bicester Village Designer Outlet. Get the train to Bicester North and a shuttle bus will take you to the shopping centre. This place is great if you love Designer Labels.

Birmingham – Day 5 and 6 – City centre and Bull Ring.

Manchester – Day 7 and 8 – Trafford Centre and Manchester City Centre including the Arndale Centre and Afflecks Palace (Northern Quarter) for alternative fashion.

Trafford Centre

Day 9 and 10 – return to see more of London and prepare for flight home.

I recommend booking your trains in advance, as walk on prices can be very expensive in England. Book at least 3-7n days in advance with Virgin Trains.

Have an amazing time when you travel England!

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