Why my Teeth are holding up my Travel Blog! Tooth Extraction and Braces at 35

September 28, 2015

Amy Trumpeter

Hi everyone, I’m not on the road at the moment, I’m still staying with my mom in Oxford! I thought I had better write an update to explain why my teeth and my heath are holding up my travel blog!

My Crooked Teeth in need of Braces!

On my trip to Morocco, this photo of me with Youness at Dar Rita in Ouarzazate really showed up my crooked smile!

You can see that I have a crowded mouth. My front two teeth cross over and my fangs stick out quite noticeably. I also need overbite correction. So, maybe it’s time to finally get braces at the age of 35!

Just look at mine compared to Youness’ teeth! Damn, I’m jealous of those pearly whites!

Why my teeth are holding up my travel!
I’m really unhappy about my smile in this picture!

I have a good Orthodontist (Jonathan on Marygate in York) who says he can definitely fix my smile. Having a less crowded mouth will also be better for my oral hygiene, as well as being cosmetic.

A lot of people on Facebook and Youtube are messaging me asking about my teeth, so I thought I would blog it and vlog it!

Getting referred to the Orthodontist

My dentist referred me to the Orthodontist, and I had an initial consultation and X-rays. The Orthodontist took pictures of my teeth and then sent a letter to my dentist requesting two tooth extractions. The Orthodontist will fit the braces, but your dentist will do the tooth extractions.

Can you Travel after a Tooth extraction?

I had my upper right molar removed before I travelled to Istanbul. Only just about enough time to recover.

One piece if advice – do not travel for the first 72 hours after having tooth extractions. I went to Istanbul three days after having my upper right tooth removed and I was ok. But the dentist advice is no flying or strenuous exercise for up to three days after tooth extraction.

Also, do your salt mouthwashes. Disgusting, but worth it, because it will heal quicker.

My Tooth Extractions

This is a bit grim, so don’t read if you are squeamish!

My initial 40 minute dental appointment was for the removal of both my teeth – top and bottom right. However, the top right first molar didn’t want to budge! I had top and bottom of my mouth frozen, but only enough time for the top one to be removed, because it took 40 minutes for the dentist to do one extraction!

Basically, my top right molar had two roots and really put up a fight. I have strong bones apparently, which isn’t a bad thing. Oh, unless you are having a tooth removed!

I heard and felt a loud crack. The tooth had broken in my mouth ;-S

They had to cut the gum slightly to get as much out as possible, and even then there was some root left in. Not good when I was flying to Istanbul 3 days later!

My embedded Tooth Root worked it’s way out of my Gum on it’s own!

Anyway, a month later, I was back home and walking to another appointment, when I felt a small and hard splinter in my mouth. The tooth root had worked it’s way out of my gum on its own! Phew, no oral surgery needed!

Extraction of my Lower Right Molar

My lower right premolar still had to come out, so I recently had a second dental appointment for this. The tooth extraction this time was more straight forward.

They do need to put more anaesthetic in your lower jaw. But this tooth only had one root, so it came out much easier in about 10-15 minutes.

After Tooth Extraction and before braces
Four days after tooth extraction. I won’t show your the day after – too grim!

Having teeth removed doesn’t actually hurt, because your gum is frozen. The injections can be a little painful and make your eyes water but only for a few seconds and then it’s numb.


I did think that the lower jaw tooth extraction was more painful during the healing process, and took longer to heal. But basically, I got an infected socket (dry socket) in my lower jaw and I had to go back to the dentist to have it cleaned and antibiotics. My dry socket took about 3 days to properly heal and I couldn’t talk or eat!


I am out of Action with my Teeth and Epilepsy!

So, at the moment, I am out of action. My dry socket has been painful for almost a week now and I’m still not mobile.

This is combined with the fact that I suffer from a frontal lobe Cavernoma, which can cause epilepsy. I’m getting my braces on in a week or two and then I have to go for an EEG in a few weeks.

After that I am hoping to return to normal, and Barcelona is on the schedule ;-D

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