Raise Money to Travel with 20 Cogs

November 22, 2016

Amy Trumpeter

I’ve recently made over £200 online with a platform called 20 Cogs. It’s a way to earn money online by completing offers and sign ups. Here’s how it works….

How 20 Cogs Works

First of all, you need to sign up to 20 Cogs here. You will see that you have 20 ‘cogs’ to work through. The idea is that you complete all of the offers and then when all 20 have been completed, you will receive your payout. You won’t be able to do any that you are already signed up to, but each offer gives you a choice of three (simply click alternative offer).

The offers could include subscriptions, such as NOW TV or Graze Box. Remember that these can be cancelled after you have completed the cog (it will go green!) so that you don’t continually get charged.

Cogs Progress

Some of the ‘cogs’ include surveys. Remember to only tick the box where you answer a question and say that you need something if you are happy for people to contact you about it. I would advice not ticking yes to any of the contact/interested boxes, otherwise I have found that you get a load of marketing phone calls.

Some of the ‘cogs’ include betting site sign ups. You don’t have to do these if you don’t want to, simply suggest alternative offer. However, if you are interested in making more income for travelling, you could consider combining 20 Cogs with some Matched Betting.

What is Matched Betting and how can I earn money to Travel with this method?

When your cogs are completed, you will receive a payout of approximately £200 into either Paypal or your bank account. Here’s what mine looked like when they were completed…

Completing 20 Cogs

Refer a Friend Scheme with 20 Cogs

Once you are registered with 20 Cogs, you can then refer friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. When you refer friend to 20 Cogs, you will an extra receive 5% on what they earn forever, and a £20 payout when they complete their first 20 Cogs (this is extra earnings and does not limit or reduce your friend’s earning potential).

20 Cogs Refer a Friend

If you’d like to join 20 Cogs, click here.

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