Online Money Making – Join my new Facebook Support Group

May 3, 2016

Amy Trumpeter

Many readers have been asking me recently about how to go digital. Becoming a digital nomad is the ultimate sense of freedom – to be location independent allows you to travel the world without restricting your income. Online Money Making allows you to do just this 😉

I earn online through a variety of methods including blogging, affiliate marketing, network marketing and freelancing. I have had many readers recently asking questions about setting up their online businesses and earning an income online.

travelling solo
Becoming a digital nomad funded my trip to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland!

As a result, I’ve decided to offer my free support through a Facebook group – Online Money Making with Globetrotter Guru. Readers will be allowed to post questions about any aspects of online earning and I will be able to offer my answers in a friendly and relaxed format.

Support on the following is FREE for all subscribers…

1) Blogging

2) Affiliate Marketing

3) Network Marketing

4) Freelancing

5) Earning Through Apps

If you have any questions, please post, and I will do my best to respond!

The group is restricted to a select number of my dedicated blog followers. You will need to be a subscriber of Globetrotter Guru in order to be approved, so if you would like to join and haven’t yet signed up, please sign up here. Please don’t request to be a member without signing up – I can only offer my support to dedicated followers, not everyone I’m afraid!

There are plenty of freebies available to members of the group including resources and Podcasts.

Online Money Making Facebook Support Group

Online Money Making Facebook Support Group Rules

1) Only subscribers to will be approved as members. If you would like to invite people to the group, please feel free, just make sure that they subscribe to the blog first so that they can get approved.

2) Limited to 3 posts per day per person (just to keep a clean feed!)

3) No offensive, negative or rude behaviour. We do not tolerate abuse, racism, sexist or swearing in this group. Don’t be mean and keep it clean!

4) Feel free to support each other.

5) Promotion, use of your own affiliate links or links to your own blogs are not allowed in this group. However, please ask me if you want recommendations for groups that allow and encourage link sharing.

I look forward to helping you with your online money making. Let’s fund our travels and enjoy!

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