Welcome to my New Solo Female Travel Blog Design

October 28, 2017

Amy Trumpeter

Guys, this month, I went through a complete website redesign and rebrand for my solo female travel blog, with the help of my web designer Hetal on People Per Hour. My new site with installation of plugins and image compression cost me around £250. This included design and development and was ready for my trip to Paris ;-).

The trickiest part to the redesign was getting the logo and colour scheme right. It took me several attempts to find a logo that I was happy with…

solo female travel blog logo design

1 and 3 looked a little corporate, and no. 4 looked like a rip off of the D and G fashion label design! So after much debate, I decide on the second logo, which is sleek, modern and shows what I’m about. But, something wasn’t quite right….the colour palette.

I wanted something a little more girly. I blog a great deal about girly issues such as female health on the road, travel and relationships and solo female travel. So the blues were out and it was time to experiment. I used colourlovers.com for my colour palette options, recommended to me by Emma Drew on her fantastic course Turn your Dreams into Money.

colour palette for solo female travel blog

This lower one was my final colour palette inspiration and we settled on an unexpected but effective combination of soft pink, nude and navy.

So basically, I have gone from this…

solo female travel blog

(Looking rather Old-school now, don’t you think?!?)

To this…

I absolutely love my new site, and I think it’s really moved my solo female travel blog forward. It looks more modern and shows my seriousness about turning my blog into a business. There are still things I need to develop, including the sub menus and fonts, but it’s always a working progress, hey?!

The trick is to constantly review your website and design every 6-12 months – leaving it the same for over two years was a little long!

So, the fantastic news is that a simple website redesign has increased my affiliate clicks on Awin by almost 10 X. Yes, you read that right – a 1000% increase in my affiliate clicks!

awin affiliate income

So, if anything is to sway you to get your blog website redesigned, this should be it! With such a massive increase in affiliate clicks, I will be sure to massively increase my affiliate income in the coming months….watch this space!

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