Liverpool Lime Street Wall Collapse – My Train Disaster!

March 7, 2017

Amy Trumpeter

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So, here’s my weekend….

I was heading from Liverpool to York to see my orthodontist for a brace fitting, before I head to Jerusalem (yeah, that’s just how I roll!)

Read about why I got braces at 35 here!

I left my Liverpool office ultra early, around 11.30am or noon. I had to pick up some antibiotics on the way (that’s another story!).

There was something about a wall falling down at Liverpool Lime street, but I checked and online it said that there were rail replacement buses. There were no rail replacement buses!

After a large ‘kerffufle’ and several people crying and having panic attacks outside Lime St (one poor girl was in tears because she had to get to the airport!) I was finally directed towards James street. So, you  a have a small local station trying to take the capacity of a massive national one like Liverpool Lime street because of this wall falling onto the track!

Anyway, I looked at the chaos that was James Street. Queues of people tutting and huffing, transport assistants in bright yellow jackets trying to direct people and one man just shouting his head off, arms flailing. Hell no! I thought.

My next mistake was to jump on the local bus. Now, this wasn’t chaos, it just stopped at every single bus stop between Liverpool and South Parkway.

Oh, there was also this guy who tried to skip his fair. Bus driver gets out ‘Were not moving until you pay or get off!’ He shouted upstairs to him. Then, this short woman of around 60 years old pipes up ‘Get down hear now you tramp! I may be an old woman, but I’ll sort you out!’ He finally listened when he realised he wasn’t going to get away with it, and as he got off, the old lady slapped him over the head!

Anyway, back to my story….you know what it’s like when you are travelling and late for a train or flight. Your heart starts beating and you go through several eventualities in your head. Mine was predominantly missing my orthodontist appointment before I hit the road again! Well, as I got into Liverpool South Parkway and tried to get up the steep and busy stairs, a conductor told me ‘you’ve just missed it!’ Shit! Another guy run up to him, who was also supposed to be on the same train as me. He’d also missed the train to Leeds.


The next connecting one was going through Manchester and arriving a 4.06pm. My appointment was 4.00pm. I decided to call it a day.

I phoned Sy, my partner, who was looking forward to seeing me in York. I told him (between sniffles and tears) what had gone on.It took me another hour and a half to get home. Essentially, four hours travel and didn’t even make it as far as Manchester! I stopped at the library to charge my phone and cancel my appointment on the way!

Don’t worry, Sy said, ‘we’ve got the car now, so I will drive over to see you.’ He even bought me flowers. What a star. So we were looking forward to a weekend together, albeit in Liverpool instead of York. Saturday night, I said to Sy ‘I feel a bit better now, do you want to do something together? Maybe Trainspotting 2?

Oh, ****! (insert swear word of your choice here) he said. We’ve got tickets tonight to see Kaiser Chiefs in Leeds and the tickets are in York!

PS. If you want to know the end of the story, we piled back in the car and actually made the gig! Thanks to See Tickets for leaving duplicates at the box office so that we could go straight there! Also thanks to the First Direct Arena who reseated us to be near an exit due to my medical conditions.