My Favourite Travel Blogs

I’ve been reading travel blogs longer than I have been writing them! Some of my favourites are the earlier ones that inspired me to give it a go!

My Favourite Travel Blogs!

Dave – Gobackpacking

Dave has been so supportive during my early stages, especially with regards to branding. Participating in Dave’s Travel Blog success course has been a massive asset to starting out as the Globetrotter Guru.

Valerie – Valerie and Valise

One of my favourite blogs when I started to research travel blogging initially was Valerie and Valise – Girl and Bag travel the world. Valerie has been extremely supportive via email during my early days, and I feel privileged to be a guest writer for Valerie and Valise.

Angie – Game of Thrones Travel

I’m a little Game of Thrones obsessed, so I love the idea of visiting every game of thrones film set and blogging it!

Rachel – Blond Wayfarer

Rachel’s blog inspired me to focus more on my personal areas and niches – I love that she shares her experiences on travelling with anxiety and has a focus on literary travel. Rachel and I met in Copenhagen and again in Stockholm, and I’m now proud to call her a friend.

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