Intrepid Travel Summer Sale

July 15, 2015

Amy Trumpeter

Who are Intrepid Travel?

Summer sales are on at Intrepid Travel. Intrepid Travel are a travel company offering overland tours. Intrepid specialise in small group tours that allow you to travel, eat and sleep the local way! Tours include a local leader, who can give you more inside information than any other guidebook.

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Do Intrepid Travel Cater for all Budgets and types of Tourism?

With intrepid travel, you can choose from three travel styles – Basic, original and comfort. This means that there is something to suit everyone, from the hardcore backpacker on a budget, to those who prefer comfort and extras. Intrepid tours are great if you are travelling solo, as you are bound to mix with others on your tour and make new friends.

You can also browse from different types of adventure including…

  • Expeditions
  • Polar
  • Wildlife
  • Food
  • Sailing
  • Urban
  • Cycling
  • Cultural
  • astronomy

Because my studies included  world religions and South Asian studies, I would love to try one of the cultural tours in Asia. I would definitely book with intrepid because they engage in responsible and sustainable tourism.

Intrepid Travel Sale

Does Intrepid Travel engage in Responsible Tourism?

As an eco-tourism travel blogger, I was particularly interested in investigating how intrepid travel encourage responsible tourism. From their website, and from reports from fellow travel bloggers, intrepid are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. They have a full set of responsible travel policies and individual destination pages.

Intrepid Travel have been carbon neutral since 2010. They engage in economic responsibility, which includes appropriate distribution of wealth. They hire local leaders and use local accommodation where possible, ensuring that local people have jobs and an income.

Intrepid are consistently working towards protecting the environment, and minimising the physical impact of tourism on wildlife and local destinations. They have invested in several renewal energy projects including Akbuk Wind Farm Project in Turkey and the production and dissemination of ceramic water purifiers in Cambodia.

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Starting today, for 7 days only, Intrepid Travel is offering 20% off for travel through to Sept. 30, 2015! (Excluding polar regions.)

Intrepid is also offering 10% off  travel in October, November & December 2015 as well as 20% off North American trips and 15% off South American trips!

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