Funny Things you will See or Experience in Denmark!

July 10, 2016

Amy Trumpeter

Every trip has it’s unusual and amusing experiences and linguistic mistranslations. This blog is dedicated to my sister, Hayley, who laughed so much when we went to get our ‘smack’ from the local supermarket in Riga (don’t worry, it was just cereals!) Here are a few of my favourite amusing occurrences and sayings from Denmark…

1. Unisex Toilets

I went into the loo in the Copenhagen McDonalds and when I came out to wash my hands I was shocked to see a man washing his hands next to me. Oh shit, I thought, I’ve gone into the mens! But no, he just looked at me, smiled and said ‘hej!’ The women who came out after me must have seen my face, laughed and said ‘ah, these ones are unisex!’

2. Posh Toilets

Some of the toilets in Copenhagen are so posh and clean that you are afraid to use them! Check out this bathroom on Nyhavn…

Toilets in Nyhavn Copenhagen

These ones were ladies only, but a few seconds after I walked out, a man walked in!

3. Plopp

Need a chocolate fix? Go for some Plopp!

Plopp Chocolate Denmark

4. The Tourist Fart

During the walk around Copenhagen I was laughing to myself at the buses with ‘Turist Fart’ on the side! Apparently, ‘fart’ means speed in Danish. If you drive on the roads, you will see signs saying ‘fart control’ and ‘mind your fart’!

Turist Fart Denmark

5. Slut

In Danish, ‘slut’ means ‘the end’. If you go to the cinema in Denmark, you might get a bit of a surprise during the end credits!

6. Feel the ‘Hygge’

Finally my favourite word in Danish – hygge (pronounced hugar)! There is no real direct translation for the meaning of this word in English. It is basically the feeling that you get when you are all cosy by candle light or feeling snug and chilled with your mates over a beer. I had a really ‘hyggely’ time in Denmark!

arriving in Copenhagen

What funny signs and sayings have you noticed when travelling? Are there any words that you have learnt travelling that you have absolutely loved? Or words that sound horrendous when translated? I would love to hear your stories!