My Blog Reached 1000 Page Views a Day!

April 4, 2017

Amy Trumpeter

Many of you are aware that I had a blog page view target of 10,000 a month by the end of 2016. In all honesty, I missed it. I ended up last year with around 7000 page views per month. Although I missed the target, I knew in my mind that 10,000 a month would happen, and it would happen soon. I like to set the targets high and slightly miss them, rather than achieve low targets consistently. Well, yesterday, my blog reached 1000 page views a day!

I Reached 1000 Page Views a Day on my Blog

The 1000 page views a day was organic as well, mainly from Facebook shares and organic SEO (Search engine optimisation). Today, I am happy to share how I did this.

Imagine the scale of maintaining 1000 pages views a day on your blog? That’s 30,000 page views a month.

Blue Lagoon
Me in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

How I reached 1000 Page Views a Day on my Blog

I don’t want to tell you that it’s easy, when it’s not. For the last 2 years, I have blogged pretty much weekly, even 3 or 4 times a week when I’m on the road. Consistent quality content is the key. If you get your content right, backlinks and traffic will naturally come to your site.

Every time I publish a blog, I share it on all of my social media accounts using the relevant hashtags and @mentions. I also feed my blogs into

Guest Blogging – Writing for Other Blogs and Websites

However, one thing that I have managed to maintain, and that many bloggers don’t is guest posting on other blogs. I’m not doing these monthly, but I am getting around 6 guest posts or interviews a year. This is links from other blogs with strong domain authorities.

As I said, the key is helpful, engaging and relevant content. Yesterday, I published a blog about travelling with endometriosis. It reflected on my personal experience of living with this disease, and at the same time, it offered helpful advice for other sufferers. Although it’s niche, approximately 10% of women live with endometriosis, and I bet you that a lot of them like to travel!

Facebook Sharing your Blog – Pages and Groups

Once the blog was published, I shared it with relevant Facebook pages and groups where I thought that it could help people, such as Endometriosis UK page and Endowarriors group. It got almost 200 likes and at least 8 shares. Doesn’t sound a lot? Don’t be fooled – Facebook can generate traffic!

Reach 1000 Page Views a Day through Facebook Groups

When I looked on the real time stats yesterday lunch, there were between 8-20 people on my blog (70% on that particular article) at any one time. So, I boosted the Facebook post for £16 and watched it continue.

Can I maintain 1000 Page Views a Day?

Well, that is my next challenge. Now that I have reached 1000 page views a day, the challenge is to maintain that. The pressure is on now for me to continue to push out quality content. That shouldn’t be too difficult consider Ming that I just returned from an amazing trip to Israel!

I also have some guest blogs lined up with Elephant Digital and an interview with Amanda from Lifestyle Monthly.

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