Top 10 Best Travel Apps for 2015

April 25, 2015

Amy Trumpeter

The Best Travel Apps 2015

Although I always carry a Lonely Planet guide for the country or region that I am travelling in, I take my iPhone everywhere too. With modern technology, it is easy to download the best travel apps that can make travelling simpler easier and stress free. Here are my 10 best travel apps to help you with your journey.

#10 Pinterest

Last but not least of my best travel apps is Pinterest. Pinterest is a fresh image-based social media platform that will allow you to pin to boards and add photographs of your travels. You can use Pinterest like a virtual pin board and add a map your travel pictures too. Pinterest is a great way to share your photographs with friends and family back at home as they can’t follow your account.

Best Travel Apps

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#9 Lonely Planet Fast Talk

Lonely Planet Fast Talk is a Lonely Planet phrasebook that will translate a variety of useful statements to the worlds most popular languages while you are abroad.

#8 WordPress

The WordPress app for iPhone and Android allows you to blog on the go. I have used the WordPress app to publish blogs from airports, town squares and cafes. It makes blogging on the go simple and easy if you host your blog or website on WordPress.

#7 Instagram

Instagram is the top social media platform for travellers. It will allow you to share information and images with your followers. Instagram trumps Facebook and Twitter because Instagram can auto post to Facebook and Twitter. Simply link Instagram to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and see your images disperse themselves throughout your social media accounts.

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#6 Lonely Planet Make my Day

The Lonely Planet Make my Day app allows you to plan and fantasise you about your perfect day in five cities Barcelona, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo. I tend to use it more at home between trips than on the go as it works a bit like a virtual travel vision board!

#5 Taxify

Taxify is one of the best travel apps for 2015. It will allow you to book a taxi through the online and keep the cost to down low so that you don’t get ripped off. Taxify was developed in Estonia and I used it in Tallinn to book several taxis successfully. Taxify is now set to develop throughout Europe and hopefully beyond.

Best Travel Apps
Taxify taxi booking App

#4 Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus allows you to work out the value of international currencies using the current exchange rate. When you first arrive in a new country it can be difficult to work outhow much you are spending when you are not working in your own currency.

Currency Converter plus will do this for you simply enter the currency that you are converting from and the currency you are converting to along with the amount. At the touch of a button this calculation is automatically done for you. It is available on iPhone and Android.

#3 Skype

Skype is an essential application to use during your travels because it allows you to keep in touch with family and friends back home with ease and for free. Skype accounts allow free video conferencing with one other person.

If you are a competent Google Plus user I highly recommend that you use Google hangouts to video call friends and family, because this will allow you to speak to more than one person at any one time without paying charges. However, Skype trumps Google Plus on the basis that it is easier to use and more people have Skype accounts.

# 2 Google Maps

A close contender for number 1 spot of the best travel apps is Google Maps. It easy to get lost in a foreign city or country – we’ve all done it! With Google Maps you can easily navigate your way around a new place.

Google Maps will also offer route calculations with or without public transport. However, be aware of getting your iPhone or smartphone out in public and putting yourself in a tricky situation. print the route out if you are unsure.

#1 Tripadvisor

The number one app for travellers is definitely TripAdvisor – it is one of the best travel apps I have found. On Trip Advisor, you can find the best deals for accommodation and hotels. You can also read and write reviews of hotels and restaurants. It is a great way to check out the a new place before you waste your money booking an uncomfortable hotel or eating a sub-standard food in a restaurant!

Which Apps do use use for international travel?

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